Technical Bulletins and Digital Library

Technical Bulletins (NCSU-USDA/ARS)

Annual Grasses Preserved as Silage (pdf)
Carostan Flacidgrass (pdf)
Cool-season Forage Hays (pdf)
Extending the Grazing Season (pdf)
Nitrogen Fertilization of Switchgrass and Gammagrass (pdf)
Production and Utilization of Forages and Pastures in North Carolina (pdf)
Ruminant Preference for Bermudagrass Hay with and withouth Exposure to Swine Lagoon Effluent (pdf)

Extension Bulletins Library (scanned historical documents)

Adaptation and Perfomance of Forage Species in North Carolina (pdf)
Alfalfa production: 1954 (pdf), 1963 (pdf)
Buckwheat production (pdf)
Crop rotations: Piedmont (pdf), Coastal Plain (pdf)
Corn silage variety testing, Mountains, 2014 (pdf)
Establishing and improving permanent pastures (pdf)
Forage diseases (pdf)
Variety testing reports: 1994 (pdf), 1995 (pdf), 1996 (pdf)


  • Annual lespedezas (pdf)
  • Small grain management effects on lespedeza (pdf)
  • Lespedeza sericea: its place and use (pdf)


Ladino clover (pdf)
Ladino clover – italian gift (pdf)
Making hay (pdf)
No-till production systems (pdf)
Feeder cattle from Holstein calves: practices and economics (pdf)
Plants poisonous to livestock and pets in North Carolina (online)
Poisoning plants for livestock: 1943 (pdf), 1950 (pdf)
The care and feeding of dairy cows (pdf)
The Dune Book (pdf)
Winter legumes for soil improvement (pdf)